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La Scuderia del Duca

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Large Pulcinella

Made by hand in the way shepherds once made Neapolitan cribs in the 1700. His head, hands and feet are made of terracotta. His clothes are made from aged cloth. Made in a small workshop which although inspired by traditional iconography, try to give Pulcinella's mask new and original features.

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Medium size Pulcinella.

Made by hand. His head, hands and feet are made of terracotta. His clothes are made from fabric.

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Small Pulcinella

Handmade in a Neapolitan workshop. Small Pulcinellas with head, hands and feet made from terracotta.

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Terracotta masks

Hand made from terracotta.

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Go away evil eye

Whoever gives me the evil eye, let God give him a hump in his back, a hernia in his groin, a goiter in his throat, put him in a state of eternal anxiety, make him feel like he is walking on nails and make his teeth ache so much he sees stars! But, whoever is nice to me should get so rich that his eyes piss from happiness! The original design is by the American artist Sally Spector. The text is in both English and Italian.