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La Scuderia del Duca

Vases and majolicas

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Angel of hospitality tile by Richard Doelker

Modelled polychrome majolica tile. Decorated with the angel of hospitality. It is a large wall tile.…

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Little donkey bowl

Polychrome majolica bowl decorated with a small donkey. Avallone Francesco factory circa 1930s Vietr…

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Dove and goat decorated tray

Polychrome majolica tray decorated with a dove and a goat. Francesco Avallone factory circa 1920/193…

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Majolica vase

Polychrome majolica vase. Furnace CAS in Vietri sul Mare circa 1940s. Illegible trade-mark, Italy.…

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Polychrome majolica vase. Probably produced in a furnace in Vietri sul Mare in the 1700s, 21cm.…