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La Scuderia del Duca

Printing on the paper

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Printed paper

Writing paper made in the old Amalfi paper mills, printed in lithograph. The sheets have clean cut edges.

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Printed cards

A series of folded cards printed using different techniques: litography, line-engraving, typography etc. Amalfi handmade paper is used.

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Printed flowers on paper

Letter writing handmade Amalfi paper with envelopes. The coloured prints reproduce a drawing by the American artist Sally Spector.

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Clara Garesio paper

Handmade Amalfi writing paper with envelopes. The coloured print represents a drawing by the artist Clara Garesio.

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The paper and the vintage photos.

Notebooks, albums, cards with envelopes and boxes with applications of vintage photographs. The photos from the end of the 19th century are part of our archive.

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Amalfi coast watercolours

Cards and bookmarks in handmade Amalfi paper. The coloured prints reproduce a original drawing exclusively for La Scuderia del Duca by the American artist Sally Spector.