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La Scuderia del Duca

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Writing paper

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Sheets, cards and notelets

Paper made from cotton, in ivory, following the ancient traditions of Amalfi. The production of the Amatruda paper mill conforms to "the requirements for maximum permanence and durability", according to the European Community regulations "for paper used for documents, books, drawings and artistic prints which, due to their historical relevance, as well as legal and other reasons of importance, must be kept for the longest time possible"

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Carved paper

Sets of cards and note cards created using a fretwork method carried out by laser. This method has allowed us to create a "lace" on the traditional handmade Amalfi paper.

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Coloured paper

Sets and sheets in coloured of Amalfi hand made paper.

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Letter headed cards

Relief print in brown ink. The letters are taken from a Renaissance style arabesque alphabet. Printing is carried out in an artisan workshop using the line engraving technique.

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Paper engraving

Dry relief print. The print is made by an artisan workshop using the line engraving technique.

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Gold on paper

Ancient watermarks of Amalfi paper mills printed in gold relief. These watermarks are based on those taken from original paper from the 1700s and 1800s. Printing is carried out by an artisan workshop using the line engraving technique.