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La Scuderia del Duca

Art publishings

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Etchings of the zodiac

Etching is a printing technique which dates back to medieval times. Etchings are made on copper plates using a metal point or a burin. This technique was used from the XVI century to the XIX century.

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The Etchings

Etchings on Amalfi paper. A series of prints each coloured by hand by the artist Michela Battilana. Etchings are a printing technique which date back to the Middle Ages. The etched engraving is carried out on a copper plate using a metal tip or burin. It was a technique especially used from the XVI to the XIX century.

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Our recipes

Typical Neapolitan recipes printed on paper 25x35 cm, for framing.

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The Herbals

Herbals " Exsiccatum ". So already it was in ancient times, when the art of herbaria was praying in monasteries; bring to the knowledge of botany, classify herbs to understand what exists and restarne wondered, was the end of that turn. The use of papers, special woods and inks makes sure that every subject, from herbs to the treasures of the sea, receives the right care. Unique objects.