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La Scuderia del Duca

Small wedding invitation card

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Box 100 ivory wedding invitation postcard format

This box contains 100 wedding invitations, postcard format cm. 11x17 and 100 envelopes cm. 12x18. Th…

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Box 50 ivory wedding invitation postcard format

This box contains 50 wedding invitations cm. 11x17 and 50 envelopes 12x18 cm. The watermark with the…

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Postcard invitation cm.11x17

Postcard invitation cm. 11x17 gr. 200 The watermark with the name of the paper mill is present on ea…

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Traditional ivory envelope cm. 12x18

  Traditional ivory envelopes 12x18 cm. The watermark is visible on the envelope. …

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Wax seals with two initials

Seals and sealing wax

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Large wedding mass booklet 15x21cm

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Watercolor card Amalfi from the Cappuccini Convent

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Extra thin small sealing wax

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