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La Scuderia del Duca

Seals and sealing wax

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Wax seals with two initials

20mm brass seals with a wooden handle. Seals are made up of two letters in italic. The initial of yo…

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Wax seals with one initial

Square metal seals with a wooden handle. Seals are made up of one letter in Gotic. Please indicate y…

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Extra thin small sealing wax

Extra thin small sealing wax sticks, 40 colors available. From each stick derives about 20 seals. …

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Spirit lamp

Glass spirit lamp 6,5 cm. The wick inside the lamp must be soaked with alcohol before being used to…

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Gift box for seals

Cardboard gift box cm. 14x6x3 for seals. …

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Gold and silver cream

Gold and silver cream to highlight the letters…

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